Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who needs a cake pedestal...: Vegan MoFo #19

If you've got a huge salad bowl in your kitchen?

(vanilla minicupcakes with vanilla buttercream on my fancy cake pedestal)

A decent inexpensive ceramic cake pedestal cannot be found here in Manila, and buying one from abroad (I did spy some lovely ones when I was in Sydney a few months ago) seemed too complicated with it being too bulky for hand carrying and all... What's a baker to do?

Behold the humble salad bowl. My mom got this ceramic bowl as a Christmas gift and it's been pretty handy. My family likes to use it to serve huge amounts of pasta, and for salad too, of course. I've revolutionized the utilization of this salad bowl and used it as a trusty cake pedestal, or in this case, a cupcake pedestal. Let me tell you, you'll be thankful you used it while frosting baked goods - it is an ergonomic wonder. It brings the baked goods about chest level high (I put the salad bowl on my kitchen island and its table is about elbow high) so you don't have to bend down for your frosting tip to reach whatever you're planning to frost, preventing scoliosis and other back problems.

All you need is a dinner plate sitting on top of an overturned salad bowl and you're ready to frost. If you've got, say, 90 minicupcakes to frost, I suggest putting about 15 minis on one dinner plate each. For regular cupcakes, it's 6 per plate. When plate A of cupcakes are frosted, remove from the bowl and replace with plate B. I usually put my cakes on cake boards, and these sit perfectly well on the salad bowl with no help of a dinner plate.

In terms of actual baked goods display in buffets, I recommend that only cupcakes be displayed in a plate on top of the bowl. I suggest the plate be taped on the bowl so it doesn't accidentally topple over. I haven't tested this out though!

(semi-frosted vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, on a cake board, on my salad bowl)

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Great improvisation skillz.
I was just soooo distracted by looking at the Cakes!

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