Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to get rid of excess frosting: Vegan MoFo #11

This problem was bound to happen: I bake a ton of cupcakes, a variety of flavors at that (with their own corresponding flavored frosting, of course), and once I've frosted and gotten rid of them, I'm left with small amounts of different frostings. What do you do when you're left with 5 different flavored frostings??

Bake a cake of course. Not just any cake, but a vanilla cake. A square (or rectangular) vanilla cake. Vanilla's a good flavor to bake since it's pretty neutral and goes with almost any frosting you've got lying around. In my case I had lemon, lime, vanilla, rose water, and chocolate buttercream lying around.

I find that cakes with edges (i.e. square or rectangle) are better since you can slice the cake up into even pieces (they're pick uppable too). Best to remove the edges so that each slice looks about the same as the other. You can slice them as big or as little (portion control!) as you want. I suspect these are party-friendly too: you can have a bunch of sliced cake with different frostings lying around for everyone to try. You can do vanilla cupcakes if you like, but cakes are just so much easier to make. No need to fuss with liners and ice cream scoopers.

And, keeping up with the spirit of being a vegan domestic goddess, no need to bring out your frosting bags and 10 different frosting tips. Just slather on the frosting, add some nuts if you like, and you're done. Now you have more time to do other things, such as have tea while you blog or Facebook.


Bex said...

usually my answer to left over frosting is "get a spoon" but your way is probably better

Jeni Treehugger said...

Yep, I like your way better!

Kelly said...

That looks delicious and I am not a huge frosting lover so that is saying a lot.

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