Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oops... Vegan MoFo #15

I know I haven't exactly been religious with mofoing... Things are getting busy here in vegan baking land. I had wanted to post a restaurant review and a tour of the veg options at the Bakers' Dozen in Powerplant, Rockwell, but these'll have to do.

I'm making a ton of goodies for PETA and I started working on it yesterday Tuesday (they'll be picking up the goods on Friday). Above left are pre-sifted ingredients for some cupcakes, chocolate cake, cookies, and banana bars. Above right is a mere portion of the whole order... I am literally falling asleep as I type this...

With every baking escapade come great pictures. Wait up for more pretty baking pictures by the weekend (hopefully!).

Does anybody know of tactics to help bakers such as myself watch what I eat when I'm baking? A little smidge of frosting here, a splash of cake batter there, not to mention the remnants of a cake when you slice off its top to make it flat and even all add up to serious calorie consumption. And all in the name of baking! I try to ignore that bit of frosting that smeared itself on my hand to no avail... Everything escalates of course when you make 6 different frostings...

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