Friday, October 31, 2008

In the end...: Vegan MoFo #23

This is my last blog for Vegan MoFo. I can't believe it's been over a month! It's been a pleasure and a challenge to blog every weekday about food. I'm glad I pulled through and I hope my blog won't look so empty and sorry anymore.

I recall my first mofo entry like it was only yesterday...

And I thought it would be only fitting that I end MoFo with the same theme of carrot-y goodness...

Apparently I'm not the only one crazy about carrot cake. My coworker and friend Pet has ordered carrot cake cupcakes twice, and this time she ordered a carrot cake. Now that I've been baking cakes more often, I'm getting the hang of decorating them. Lessons from mofoing: don't fear cakes, cakes love to be baked and frosted!

(carrot cake smothered in a walnut-studded cinnamon buttercream)

MoFoing has been such a learning experience for me. Before October my blog had about 5 measly entries in a span of 8 months. I hope I'll continue blogging and churn out 1 entry at least every week.

MoFo lessons learned:
  1. It's best that you include photographs in your posts for a more interesting read. You don't need a schmancy SLR camera to get awesome photos.
  2. You don't need high-tech editing software to make your photos look more smashing than they already are. Picasa is user friendly.
  3. Picasa is not mac friendly.
  4. Blogspot is not mac friendly.
  5. Bring your camera everywhere (even if it's to get street food and buko juice from just around the corner); you never know when the perfect opportunity comes to photograph food.
  6. Pictures of baked goods (such as 90 cupcakes, 60 cupcakes, 1 cake, or 3 cakes) is always a crowd pleaser.
  7. Have your companion animals stay with you when you're cooking or baking. Cooking and baking won't feel so much like chores anymore.
Til next MoFo!

(Lucky pooped out from all the baking)


Celine said...

I can't get over how awesome your cats look/are. major crush here!

vegan domestic goddess said...

thanks celine :)

my cats are rescues from the streets and the sad thing is, there's a lot of cat "racism" where i'm from... purebred cats are put on pedestals while street cats are acceptable roadkill!

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