Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oishi: the brand you love to hate. You know the world is screwed...: Vegan MoFo #10

... when junk food companies such as Oishi start diversifying into breakfast cereals!!!

(stolen pictures from oishi.com.ph)

Cereously --- I mean seriously folks. Who buys these guys? Why do corporations have to take. over. everything? Why can't junk food companies stick to what they do best -- that is, MSG, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, white flour laden crap (I hesitate to use the word food as these do not provide sustenance whatsoever) that we all love and know as junk? Why confuse the consumer with this cereal hullaballoo? Is it junk? is it cereal? Well, it's cereal but in a junk food-like foil bag, not in those cereal boxes. Hmmm, must be both, because it's made by Oishi.

Oh yeah, way to go with creativity, guys. Fruity loops? Choco flakes? Kellogg and Nestle should be banging on your door any minute now...

One small step for man to grow obese, one giant leap for the end of mankind.

By the way, I saw these Godforsaken packages at Robinsons Pioneer Supermarket yesterday, and I literally wanted to gag. I'd've taken a photo myself but feared the Oishi police. I think it's against the rules to take photos on supermarket premises. Fear of Shopwise sending spies to steal shelving ideas, or something.

(stolen from their website too)

I know I just ranted about Oishi, but I have to admit I do like their Pods junk food. They market it as "vegetarian", it's msg-free and artificial-color free. I know it's junk, but it has fiber AND protein. The stuff is made from peas and is pretty darn tasty. I've been known to stuff free samples in my bag like a mad woman (just last Friday, in fact, after the Rice&Oats fiasco). I've had 3 small bags for dinner too -- I shared with a friend, and I know that it's bad to eat junk for dinner, but there wasn't anything that was decent and vegan. I had it once for breakfast as well... Sheesh, no wonder I've lost my perfect glowing skin. Gotta stop eating junk!

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