Monday, October 20, 2008

More veg finds at the Salcedo Market Part 2: Vegan MoFo #14

Other vegan finds at the Salcedo Market include:

Mushroom siomai (P75 or $1.55 for 3 pieces), beans and tofu for lunch, and a fresh fruit shake stand.

Vegetarian cuapao sandwiches for only P30 ($0.62)!

Tommy's Freshly Roasted Coffee: pretty awesome locally grown, harvested, roasted, and brewed coffee that does not taste like car battery acid. The beans are sourced from mountains all over the country. Varieties include Metropolitan, Urban Tempo, Hacienda, Colombian (this one's imported), and Decaffeinated. The stall sells ground coffee as well as freshly brewed cups of coffee.

A stall of spices! This is definitely not McCormick.
Spices 'n Flavours carry herbal and spiced teas such as liquorice tea, herbs such as Thai oregano, and spices such as Zaatar (a Middle Eastern spice blend). You'll find artisanal salts here too.

Kalinga Blended Mountain Rice from Kalinga province. Click on the second photo to read what is written on the package. There are 4 or 5 different colors in the blend!

Freshly boiled peanuts and (not freshly boiled) locally grown cashews

Kakanin and other native rice based desserts for the taking. Not vegan: leche flan, kesong puti (white carabao cheese), cassave cake, and pastillas (milk candy).

Budbud Kabog (budbud, sounds like "good good") is a millet and coconut milk based kakanin. This stall sells a variety of flavors, including chocolate, ginger, langka / jackfruit and mango. I love the original and the ginger. P25-30 ($0.52-0.63) per piece. They give free samples too (check out LV bag #4).

UFO (Uncle Finn's sOya) soymilk and fresh firm tofu! I heart Uncle Finn's soy milk. His stuff are made with non-GMO soy beans. I didn't see any taho being sold, but his taho and soymilk are so much better than Mr. Bean's.

And last but not the least...

You can't have too many white plates and wooden kitchenware. The white plate stall sells square and rectangular plates as well as interesting bowls. The wooden kitchenware stall sells chopping boards, cheese boards, trays, bowls, and salad servers made from
acacia or kamagong. I got myself a cheese board as a mini tray for my cupcakes.

So there you have it! Do yourself a favor and explore the market. Don't forget to bring a canvas or banig shopping bag when you do. Go on an empty stomach.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

I LOVE looking at these photos - they are AWESOME!

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