Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cake Porn: Vegan MoFo #20

Here's to getting MoFo #20 over and done with, through cake porn. I baked and frosted these cakes last week; the first one was for family, the last two was for sale:

I finally got around to experimenting with a Filipino inspired dessert. Well, in this case, a coffee cake. No, it doesn't have any coffee. Yes, it's still called a coffee cake. A Mango Cashew Coffee Cake. Great with a nice cuppa coffee or tea, perfect for breakfast as well. I'm quite proud of this because it's a true blue Filipino vegan cake. Hurray! I used my mom's homemade mango jam (which if you can recall, I used in an impromptu salad dressing) and locally grown cashew nuts. I originally had wanted to use pili nuts but they were a bit more expensive, and you'd have to blanch them yourselves to remove the papery brown skin. I was hesitant to use cashews as their flavor can be overpowering. However, I'm proud to report that cashews and mango go great together.

Next off, a two layer vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream topped with almonds (similar to this cake). Again, this cake was inspired by Martha. Sliced almonds are such a simple cake topper and they make cakes appear so sophisticated (well, in my opinion they do). Spied in the background: naked mini cupcakes (blog post pending) and Christmasy ginger cookies.

Lastly, a cake I wish I could have taken a slice of. Two layer chocolate cake smothered in vanilla frosting and topped with crushed toffee. I made the toffee awhile back and thought about it as a cake topper on a whim. I wish I added the crushed toffee between the layers as well!

Anyway, that's all for MoFo #20. I'll be blogging soon about cupcakes... I just need to sort through my 150+ photos!

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Oh GOD!!!!!
I want them all but particularly the Two Layer Chocolate Cake!!!

And YAY! for 20 posts.

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