Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gorgeous grilled vegetable sandwich: Vegan MoFo #9

This will be a quick post as the photo speaks for itself. Had a lovely brunch with my 2 lovely cousins, Miren and Monica, and my brother's girlfriend, Bea at Cafe Mary Grace in Alabang Town Center. We came for the chica session but I gotta say, this vegetable sandwich somehow stole the show.

Hey vegans! Cafe Mary Grace may not have a lot of vegetarian breakfast / brunch options but don't feel sad. Grilled vegetables on foccacia was some kind of awesome. It's usually served with caesar dressing inside but tell your server to kindly substitute the dressing with the tomato-wansoy salsa. The salsa is actually one of the fillings of one of their omni sandwiches. If your server doesn't seem to relent, just ask for Glen - he was our server who was only too happy to follow my vegan wishes.

The homemade potato chips is usually served with garlic mayo -- go ahead and sub it for the salsa, but do yourself a favor and just get good old-fashioned ketchup. It's hard to scoop salsa with tiny chips.

What made this sandwich gorgeous? Uber-smoky eggplant and balsamic-glazed oyster mushrooms. Cafe Mary Grace usually adds in grilled zucchini but with the whole Typhoon Pepeng catastrophe, it's been difficult to get fresh vegetables from Benguet. They ended up doubling the eggplant -- no complaints from this customer! I heart eggplant, I can eat it all day.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Looks fab sounds great!

Anonymous said...

hello!! omg its so hard being a vegan here in the philippines especially when there are so many food stalls that offer meat-based products.

anyway, i wanna ask if the M.Y. San SkyFlakes Crackers vegan?

and, do you know anymore easy fingerfoods that can be bought at the local supermarket? thanks! i love your blog btw! i bookmarked it! :D

Marie said...

hey anonymous! don't despair too much! sometimes you have to rely on good-old home-cooked food.

i believe skyflakes (original) is technically vegan as it doesn't contain animal products. the wholewheat version though has milk and i think honey.

hmmm easy vegan fingerfood... marty's veggie chicharon, oishi pods. nuts. you can buy pita bread / tortilla and have it with pesto. some pestos have cheese, some don't. actually Echo Store in Serendra has malunggay pesto that's vegan!

Marie said...

oh and south supermarket in alabang and rustan's supermarket in rockwell has a lumpia stand that can make vegetarian lumpia!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'll keep it touch.

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